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The Building

3 Acres was designed as a one-of-a-kind living experience, one that brings everything you need and everything you could ever want to a destination in Jersey City like no other. We never like going home at the end of a great vacation so we created the same experience right within our own walls. 


Designed by Marchetto Higgins Stieve Architects, 3 Acres has been imagined with comfort, practicality and style in mind. From its inception, sustainability has been at the forefront and the building includes electric vehicle charging stations, a rooftop vegetable garden and a 99/100 efficiency rating. 

Interior Design

Modern and welcoming, the interiors of 3 Acres exude vibrancy and playfulness. The design was developed to evoke a spirit of abundance, joy and optimism—everything one could want in a home. 


The best views of Manhattan are in Jersey City. Take in the river and the city’s iconic skyline from your own home or from 3 Acres’ private rooftop terrace. Sit by a firepit, fire up the BBQs, and enjoy the community garden with the backdrop of NYC behind you. Photogenic? Absolutely. 100 percent Instagram-worthy. 
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