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The West Side of Jersey City is home to one of the largest and most lush public outdoor spaces, Lincoln Park, not to mention several family-owned businesses. Accessible, quiet and with architecture that ranges from Art Deco to Edwardian, it’s both picturesque and welcoming. Here are a few of our favorite places to explore.

Carmine’s Italian Deli

This neighborhood staple for classic Italian sandwiches describes itself as having “Old School Service getting straight to the point with an Italian edge.” We say their meatball parm sandwich gets straight to the point of any craving. And yes, with a distinctly Italian edge. 


Manhattan views while working the golf green? This 9-hole course has them, not to mention the majestic dunes and fairways you'll find throughout this impeccably landscaped spot. Plus, it's open to the public, no membership needed. 

Food Trucks

Everyone who loves to eat knows that often the best bites come straight from a truck—and the local favorites in Jersey City deliver. At the frequent “Food Truck Saturdays,” you’ll find lines outside of the incrediBalls (meatballs served in every possible way), No Forks Given (get the artichoke grilled cheese) and the Rolling Pita (the falafel will be the best you’ve ever tried). 

Lincoln Park

Venture outside of 3 Acres to explore the expansive green spaces of Lincoln Park. With tennis courts, soccer fields, playgrounds, nature trails and fishing-accessible Edgewood Lake, it’s a nature reprieve when you’re craving a break from city vibes.
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